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Starter Program

Pro Program

Human flag + Rings technique

The Human Flag program focuses on developing the necessary attributes required to achieve the Human Flag position. Before diving into the actual Human Flag exercises, we focus on building a strong back and obliques. Additionally, the program emphasizes improving mobility in the obliques and maintaining flexibility and mobility in the wrists. 

Planche + Rings power

The Planche + Rings Power program, we focus on learning and utilizing scapular engagement, as the target movements in the program are the most demanding in terms of scapular stability. Once you master scapular engagement, you will experience a significant leap forward in your progress with the developmental movements. 


The Legs program focuses on enhancing leg functionality and explosiveness. The leg movements consist of squat strength, squat skill, and hamstring power exercises. Additionally, the Legs program concentrates on improving squat position and developing mobility in the quadriceps and hip flexors. 


In the Handstand program, we focus on developing the necessary attributes for achieving a straight and stable handstand or improving an already existing handstand. Alongside supported handstand work, this program also emphasizes improving shoulder and hamstring mobility. 

Chin-up + Rowing

In the Pull-Up program, we focus on building the attributes necessary for a strong pull-up. In practice, this means training towards a strong back. At an advanced level, this program also develops the strength required for one-arm pull-ups and front lever rows. 


In the Push-Up program, we focus on building proper push-up technique and progress towards more challenging bodyweight push-up variations. In push-up movements, a key aspect is maximizing strength through scapular engagement. 


With the CORE program, you will develop strong core muscles! It's easy to understand that strong core muscles are the foundation for all training. This program emphasizes the importance of maintaining a solid core foundation, which serves as the basis for all exercises. 

HIIT exercises

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a heart-pumping exercise method that allows you to efficiently improve your fitness level in just a few minutes of training. Your HIIT training history is stored in the system, making it easy to track your progress over time. 

Basic Programs

The MM-Supersport training is suitable for beginners as well as those seeking intense workouts due to its comprehensive program offerings. The workouts are performed using only bodyweight, making it perfect for home training as well. You can start from the basics and build a solid foundation before progressing to more challenging programs.

With fully customizable workouts that adapt to your progress, you have access to them whenever you need. You can train and improve for years to come. As a user of the system, you have full access to all training programs at your disposal. You can switch them anytime, and your achieved levels will automatically transfer to the selected program.

You also get access to an integrated nutrition application within the system. It will teach you how to effectively burn fat while preserving muscle mass. You'll get in shape quickly and stay in shape. Always! Without counting calories or feeling hungry. The diet becomes a natural way of eating and, furthermore, it is extremely healthy.


You can change your training program at any time. The level of difficulty you have achieved will automatically transfer to the selected program. 

The Starter Program is specifically crafted for individuals new to fitness, ensuring that they establish a solid foundation of strength and mobility to build upon. This program consists of low-intensity, efficient workouts that engage your entire body and require no equipment whatsoever. Say goodbye to time constraints and equipment excuses as you embark on your fitness journey. 

The Pro Program is the ideal choice for dedicated athletes who have already built resilience through their training. It offers intense, explosive movements, a demanding volume of exercises, and the flexibility to adapt to your level of fitness. Packaged as a comprehensive program, it is best suited for experienced athletes who are determined to continuously push their limits and surpass plateaus, all while minimizing the risk of injury. 


Special Programs

100% Optimized For You

Whether you've never attempted a single pushup or you've been training for a while, MM-Supersport offers 11 home training programs designed specifically for your current fitness level. These programs will guide you towards reaching the pinnacle of your athletic potential. 

1,400+ Step-By-Step Instructional Videos

Feeling unsure about how to properly perform certain exercises without anyone to guide you can be incredibly frustrating. That's why we've incorporated over 1,400 illustrated videos into our program, ensuring that every movement in each of the programs is clearly explained. These videos provide detailed instructions so that everyone can easily comprehend and master the exercises. 

120 Intense HIIT Exercises

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) delivers the same benefits as other forms of exercise in just a few short minutes of training. It strengthens and conditions your heart, enabling you to burn fat at a rapid pace. The system stores the HIIT exercises, providing you with a motivational boost as you reflect on the significant progress you have achieved. .


The Supersport training method is a progressive approach that leads to an incredibly functional and powerful body. Its concept revolves around utilizing your own body in the most versatile way possible, which means developing both strength and mobility. This results in unprecedented body control. 

By training your body comprehensively according to the method, you also engage the smaller supporting muscles that traditional gym workouts may not target. This is why the Supersport training method is trusted by individuals requiring extreme strength and control, such as combat athletes. 

While offering highly effective training for peak fitness, it is equally suitable for beginners looking to start a fitness journey or as a rehabilitative and safe way to exercise after an injury. With the Supersport system, everyone, regardless of their starting point and end goals, can access optimal training customized for them. 

The essence of sensible training lies in continuously progressing according to your own level. Supersport makes this easy. Simply follow the system's instructions and perform the professionally tailored, visually guided daily workout designed specifically for you. Anywhere and anytime.

Supersport's nutrition plan is based on a ketogenic diet, which is optimized for each individual using a convenient macro calculator. Don't be alarmed by the low carbohydrate content of the diet. While the traditional belief is that athletes require carbohydrates, modern research clearly shows that once the body is trained to use fat as its primary fuel source, carbohydrates are not even necessary for prolonged athletic performance. 



HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a form of exercise consisting of short, intense workout circuits that quickly elevate your heart rate, make you sweat, and activate efficient fat burning that can continue for up to 24 hours after the workout. IBy incorporating HIIT into your routine, you can effectively and rapidly improve both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels.

 Performing a HIIT session after a strength workout completes a comprehensive training session. The system includes 120 different types of HIIT workouts, allowing you to choose the level and equipment that matches your fitness level and the tools available to you (e.g., kettlebell, pull-up bar). Your workouts are saved in the system, enabling you to track your progress graphically. 

HIIT workouts provide a quick and incredibly convenient way to maintain your fitness. Just a few minutes at a time are enough, and you can exercise even in a hotel room. With the Supersport app, your workouts are always accessible and portable. 

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The Starter Program is designed with the newcomer to fitness in mind. Its aim is to give you a rock-solid foundation of strength and mobility you can easily build upon. This program is composed of low-intensity quick workouts that work your whole body and are done with absolutely no equipment at all. So no more time and equipment excuses.

The Pro Program is the natural choice of the dedicated athlete who has already calloused his hands. It features intense explosive movements, a challenging volume of exercise and high adaptability to your level. As a compact package it is best suited for the more seasoned athletes who want to consistently break through plateaus and take it to their absolute limits (without the risk of injury).





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On the contrary, while the body can store only about 2000 calories of energy as carbohydrates, an average person's fat stores can provide up to 40,000 calories of energy. After the adaptation phase, you'll have access to these energy reserves, and nothing will stop you! If desired, you can also use carbohydrate supplements. The nutrition program guides you on the proper timing to maximize the production of growth hormone in your body. 

Sufficient energy intake is ensured by avoiding a low-calorie diet! The daily calorie intake for an active man can easily exceed 4000 kcal. The protein intake is kept at an appropriate level to support muscle growth while burning fat. The nutrition app includes weight tracking, measurements tracking for athletes, and an easy-to-understand information package on how the body functions. After reading this, you'll understand why the Supersport nutrition plan is so effective.