Straigth and bent arm strength

When it comes to strength training, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between straight arm strength and bent arm strength. These two types of strength play significant roles in various exercises and movements.

Straigth arm strength

Straight arm strength refers to the ability to generate power and control movements with the arms extended and fully straightened. This type of strength is particularly important in exercises like the Iron Cross, where maintaining a straight arm position is essential for executing the maneuver effectively. Developing straight arm strength involves targeting and engaging the muscles in the arms, shoulders, and upper body while keeping the arms extended.

In this video example, we have an extreme exercise that demands significant straight arm strength.

Bent arm strength

On the other hand, bent arm strength pertains to the ability to generate force and perform movements with the arms in a flexed or bent position. A classic example of bent arm strength is demonstrated in the one-handed pull-up, where the arms are bent throughout the pulling motion. Bent arm strength primarily relies on the muscles in the arms, forearms, and back to generate the necessary force and control for the movement.

Targeted training

Understanding the distinctions between straight arm strength and bent arm strength allows for a more targeted and effective training approach. It’s important to incorporate exercises and progressions that specifically focus on each type of strength. For instance, training for straight arm strength would involve exercises performed with the arms fully extended, while bent arm strength training would involve movements and exercises that emphasize the bending of the arms.

By incorporating both straight arm and bent arm strength training into your workout routine, you can develop a well-rounded and balanced upper body strength that enhances performance across a wide range of exercises and activities.

MM-supersport makes every workout a tailor-made session for you.

It is worth mentioning that MM-Supersport has developed a comprehensive training regimen that takes into account 20 different body variations for both straight arm and bent arm strength production. This program recognizes the unique biomechanical characteristics and body types of individuals, tailoring the training approach to suit their specific needs. Each workout is tailored to you by selecting from a vast database of thousands of exercises and it is always appropriately challenging for you.

By considering these 20 body variations, the MM-Supersport program aims to optimize strength development and performance for everyone. Understanding how different body types affect power production in both straight arm and bent arm exercises allows for customized training strategies that maximize results and minimize the risk of injury.

This emphasis on individualization underscores the importance of acknowledging that every person’s body is unique and may require specific adjustments in training methods. By incorporating these considerations into the training program, MM-Supersport aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of strength training, ensuring that individuals can achieve their fitness goals while minimizing the potential for imbalances or limitations.

Overall, by recognizing the diverse range of body variations and tailoring training approaches accordingly, MM-Supersport’s program provides a holistic and inclusive approach to developing straight arm and bent arm strength, empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

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