High Interval Intensity Training

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT exercises make you feel great

High-Intensity Interval Training combines power stamina, muscle stamina, and oxygen-intake ability training, often at an almost inhuman level and yet in such an addictive way. Everyone who has really worked out to the extreme has probably experienced the feeling when the lungs cut out and the muscles simply no longer take any orders. And yet the prevailing sense is one of an insane endorphin surge and A FANTASTICALLY GOOD FEELING! After such an exercise, every cell in your body knows that something really happened then.

High-intensity exercises

HIIT literally means “high-intensity interval training,” but we Method Makia proponents give it the meaning “short-duration, fast-paced and demanding training.” There are a great number of ways of doing HIIT exercises. For example, you may want to achieve your performance goal as fast as possible, do as many repetitions as possible, or alternate between interval-type work and rest as instructed.

Versatile and exhilarating exercises for everyone

MM Supersport’s HIIT motions are versatile and intelligent – no longer just push-ups and sit-ups. The motions are determined by your equipment and your level of fitness. “Wherever, whenever”- thinking is particularly appropriate for HIIT as part of training can only be done with the ground and a timer to assist you, and the fastest HIIT exercises can be done even while waiting for the bus.

Different effects

There are, of course, different effects produced by different types of HIIT, even though all develop roughly the same things. Where a 5-minute HIIT teaches you to do more repetitions ever faster, a 15-minute training session teaches you the ability to carry on despite the feeling of intense tiredness. The emphasis in light HIIT motions is on oxygen-intake ability and muscle stamina, while demanding motions characteristically involve muscle stamina and the ability to spread strength across the training session.

Calorie burner

All HIITs are real calorie burners; an intensive training session has the effect of increasing energy consumption at rest by as much as 25% over the following 24 hours. Goodbye to fat! Indeed, you may have noticed that due to accelerated metabolism, your skin may feel unusually warm for hours after a period of exercise.

Not just HIIT exercises

HIITs alone don’t develop strength. Actually, this is why they make such a great combination with power-weighted bodyweight training, and an example of this is the MM Supersport. The system recommends HIIT training at least once a week, but for additional HIITs, you can throw in as many as you please! But don’t forget that development takes place during rest. Depending on the person’s fitness level, everyone needs at least one day of rest per week.

You can monitor your development

MM Supersport includes 120 different types of HIIT exercises. A HIIT training history is produced so you can monitor our development in graphic form.

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