Fine-tuning the exercise program

An initial level test defines a customized program for each user. Sometimes, however, even if the strength level is sufficient to perform a movement, the mobility is not sufficient, and the movement suggested by the baseline test is too challenging.

You are the master of your training program

The system has built-in functionality for such situations. In the settings on the training page, you can adjust your training program on a movement-by-movement basis and influence your program at any time.

How to fine-tune your training level

You can adjust your level both up and down. If you find a movement too challenging, press the “This movement is too hard” option. You will immediately get an easier movement. If the new movement given is still too challenging, you can move further down the progression until you can do the movement in a controlled way. When the difficulty level of the movement is suitable for you, you normally assess the difficulty of the movement set. The system will then remember all your fine-tuning.

A movement that seemed impossible becomes easy

When you optimize your movements to a level where you can do them correctly, you quickly achieve movements that initially seemed impossible.

Building mobility in a gripping way

Mobilization exercises placed in pairs of movements work proactively. Sometimes a mobilization movement may feel inappropriate for a strength exercise, but it proactively builds mobility for the challenging strength exercises ahead.