Designed for you

Supersport is an app, originally developed in Finland, which builds a personal training program for you. The workout is based on bodyweight movements and can be done at home. It combines strength and mobility development in an exciting and inspiring way.

It is suitable for beginners or those looking for a tough workout, thanks to its entry-level test and comprehensive software offering.

The system prepares a personalized training program for you and continuously adjusts it to your progress based on your feedback.

baseline test

The program starts with a so-called baseline test, which maps the whole body based on 20 different areas.

The baseline test is adaptive, which means that if you’re a beginner, you won’t even be made to try challenging movementsIf, on the other hand, you’ve already done bodyweight training, the baseline test itself is equivalent to an equally hard workout because it measures even the most challenging movements. The baseline test is only done once.

Based on the baseline test, the system will generate the starting values for your programs. There are 11 different types of programs in the system. The Starter program is for basic exercisers, while the Pro program is a good starter program for active exercisers.

The general programs develop the whole body in a balanced way. The general programs are available in both instrumental and non-instrumental versions. The only equipment needed for even the most demanding programs is a chin-up bar and gymnastics rings.

A wide range of printing software

You can also choose from a variety of weightlifting programs that focus on specific attributes or skills (for example, handstand). You can change programs anytime, and all levels achieved will be carried over to the newly selected workout program. Your training program is therefore always up to date.

Comprehensive workout

The workout starts with a warm-up routine, followed by the workout itself.

Pair of movements

The workout is based on movement pairs. Each movement pair includes a strength exercise and a mobilization exercise, performed in pairs. There are 4-5 different pairs of movements in one exercise.

Strength exercises can be based on either repetitions or static holds. Each strength exercise has a personal timer that allows you to perform static holds of the correct length easily. Timers with beeps also indicate the length of rest periods between sets.

Challengeability of a pair of links

After each set of a movement pair, the difficulty is assessed using a simple slider. According to this given estimate, the system can build the optimal program for you. If an area of your body develops faster, you’ll be given more challenges. If, on the other hand, you are slowing down in one area, you will also get a slower increase in difficulty. This ensures that your workout is safe and that challenging movements are not given until your body is ready for them.