The Chin-up + row training program begins building the needed skills for strong chin-ups and rowing. In practice, this mean the training focuses mainly on obtaining a strong back. In the advanced level, this program develops the needed strength to perform the one handed chin-up and the front lever row maneuvers. There are several good progression maneuvers, for example Ice Shaker, which you can see in the video below.

The workout program lasts for 2 months. You can purchase more workout time for only 7-8$ for each additional month, depending on how much additional time you need.

Method Makia

Like the name implies, the Method Makia program is an inspiring program that will lead you to an incredibly functional and powerful body. The basic philosophy of the program is the maximum all-around development your body,
which will insure improvement in your power and mobility. This will bring about more body control than ever before.


CHIN UP+ROW $54.95

Below you can see clips of the Chin-up progression exercises

With the Method Makia developing progressions your workout is dynamic and safe. The progressions will get your results that you have never dreamed are possible.  Your personal program is tailored specifically for you, from the over 1400 instruction videos. Your personal program constantly conforms to match your development.

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